The object of the turn in the road maneuver is to turn the car around in the road to face in the opposite direction using the forward and reverse gears.

The key to doing the turn in the road correctly is a slow car and a quick wheel. keep the car moving as slowly as possible by using the clutch (clutch control). Only lift the clutch enough to move the car, never lift your foot completely from the clutch.

Firstly P.O.M (prepare, observe, move)

PREPARE: Clutch down select first gear set the gas and find the bite. On a diesel car it may not be necessary to set the gas.

OBSERVE: Check all the mirrors from left to right then check your blind spot. At this point a signal would not be necessary as we always wait until the road becomes clear before doing the turn in the road.

MOVE: Release the handbrake then using clutch control begin to move slowly. Turn your wheel quickly a full lock to the right.

Move slowly across the road to the other side remembering to observe right and left.

As you approach the opposite kerb turn your wheel a small distance to the left. Then stop just before the kerb. Apply the handbrake. Select reverse gear.

Then P.O.M (prepare, observe, move). Remember to look out of the back window before and during reversing. Complete the full lock of you wheel to the left as you move. Continue back to the opposite kerb taking effective observation. Stop just before the kerb. Apply the hand brake.

The last part of the maneuver is the same as the first P.O.M (prepare, observe, move). The only difference is that you only need to turn the wheel enough to reach the opposite kerb. This may or may not be a full lock

Some things to be aware of when doing the turn in the road.

1: The camber or slop on the road may cause you to gather speed so depress the clutch and use the brake to control the speed.

2: If any other traffic approaches when you are moving across the road do not stop in the middle of the road but continue to whichever kerb you are heading for then stop. Make sure the traffic has passed by or stopped before you continue.


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