The aim of the parallel park maneuver is to reverse park the car into a small space. A space that would be to small too drive into forward.
There are various ways to do this maneuver. Any way is acceptable so long as you observe the three main points. Control, observation and accuracy.

This is the way I teach it.

Move slowly alongside the car you want to park behind. Stop slightly past the car parallel to it with your wheels straight. Try and keep at least a doors width away from the car.

Select reverse gear. Then look all around before moving. When safe reverse back very slowly until the back of your car is just past the car you are reversing behind. This is now the point of turn.

Check your mirrors and blind spot. When clear reverse very slowly and turn your steering wheel one full turn to the left (NOT A FULL LOCK BUT A FULL TURN)

Your car will now swing out and move slowly towards the kerb. keep observing all the time and stop for any danger.

When you come close to the kerb look into your left door mirror. Look for the position of the kerb in the mirror. It should line up just below the door handle.

This is when you will straighten up. Turn your wheel two full turns to the right. Your car will swing around and come parallel to the kerb. Check your left door mirror to judge this. when parallel to the kerb turn your wheel one full turn to the left, this will straighten your wheels.

You must keep your car within two car two car lenghts from the car you are reversing behind.

Be aware of the camber or slop on the road. This may cause you to gather speed. If this happens depress the clutch and use your brake to control the speed.


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