parallel parking manouver

Nearly half of UK drivers would park further away from their destination just to avoid having to do the parallel park maneuver.

According to a survey from vehicle supplier OSV, 46% would drive further away to avoid having to parallel park such is their fear of the maneuver.

Out of those surveyed, 16% would avoid the parallel park completely while 76% said the pressure of having another driver waiting for them puts them off while parallel parking.

The survey also found that almost a fifth of drivers admitted to circling around town to find on-street parking to avoid paying for parking tickets, and a further third (32%) said they always forget to bring along the correct change for the ticket machine so look for alternatives.

“I think that everybody has experienced the panic of parking poorly in front of an audience,” said OSV joint-company director Andrew Kirkley.

He continued: “An inability to parallel park can be a real disadvantage though, especially if you regularly visit the suburbs. All it takes is a little confidence, so I’d advise nervous drivers to practice.”

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