Moving off and stopping.

It may seen quiet simple moving off from the side of the road and stopping again on the left, but its amazing the amount of people who do not know how to do this correctly.

Most common problems are failure to take effective observation and signaling.

When moving off use the P.O.M routine.
Prepare: Press the clutch to the floor using your left foot. Select first gear. Set the gas and find the bite of the clutch. You have now prepared the car to move.

Observe: Check all your mirrors left to right and then check your blind spot. This is always the last observation before moving. Signal only if necessary, if there is anyone who may benefit from giving a signal.

Move: Release the handbrake and the car will start to move. As you start to move slowly raise the clutch and gentle apply more gas. Steer to your normal driving position about a metre from the kerb.
When stopping use the M.S.M routine.
Mirrors: Check the center and the left hand door mirror.

Signal: Any car behind or coming the opposite direction give a left indicator signal to show you are stopping.

Manoeuvre: This is any change of speed or position by you. Steer a little towards the kerb. As you approach the kerb lift your right foot from the gas and place it over the brake and brake gently. Steer parallel to the kerb and press the clutch down with your left foot. When you come to a stop keep two feet on the pedals. Apply the handbrake and select neutral gear.

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