Left and right turns (major to minor)

When turning left or right from a major to a minor road apply the M.S.P.S.L routine on approach.
MIRRORS: The fist thing you must do is check the mirrors. Center and the left if turning left or center right if turning right. This will help you judge the speed and position of any traffic following behind.

SIGNAL: Signal left or right depending which direction you are going. Remember that your signal must be timed correctly.
POSITION: If you are turning left keep to your normal driving position (about a meter from the kerb). When turning right position the car just left of the center of the road.
SPEED: Speed on approach is very important. If you approach to quickly you could loose control of the car and swing wide. So lower the speed by gently pressing the brake. Gear and speed go together. As you lower the speed you must lower the gear. he gear you will choose will depend on whats happening. On a sharp turn it is either second gear if you can keep moving or first gear if you have to stop.To decide what gear to use we apply the last part of the routine.

LOOK: When turning left look right to be sure no cars are crossing in front of you. They should give way but may not always do so. Look for anyone stepping onto the road.

When turning right look for oncoming cars. When you turn in front of them you must not cause them to slow down or stop. Be careful not to cut the corner as you turn. Check that the road is clear before you turn in.

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