Learner driver rolls car over just seconds into lesson

Learning to drive can be nerve-racking, but video of this pupil’s ineptitude has gone viral after she managed to flip her car over seconds into a lesson.


Dashboard camera footage from South Korea shows the driver starting the car and creeping forward down a country road.

As the vehicle veers towards a bank, the driver accelerates instead of braking.

The instructor can be heard shouting “brake, brake!” in Korean as the car climbs the high verge and teeters on its side.

“Oh my, what do we do?” the learner asks before the vehicle crashes over onto the road, shattering the widescreen.

“That’s why I told you to press the brakes,” the instructor is reported to say.

“What were you pressing?

“I’m going to go crazy — get out of the car,” he adds.

The video has become an internet hit with over 536,000 views since Monday.

Video courtesy YouTube

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