Driving Schools in Liverpool

Are you looking for driving schools in Liverpool? There are so many driving schools in Liverpool its hard to choose the right one.

driving schools in Liverpool


Our quick quide will help you choose the right driving schools in Liverpool to suit your needs.

Not all pupils are the same just as not all driving schools in Liverpool are the same. When looking to choose driving schools in liverpool consider the following points.

  1. Are the instructors fully qualified.
  2. Will I have to share the car with another person during my driving lesson.
  3. Is the driving instructor flexable with times and pick up and drop off.
  4. How old are the driving school cars.
  5. Are there any hidden charges and costs.

It may seem straight foward but you may be surprised how many driving schools in Liverpool use trainee instructors.

Sharing the car with another pupil is know as piggybacking and does not offer value for money. This should be avoided as you do not get your full one hour lesson.

Your driving instructor should be flexible with their times. For example do they work weekends. Can they pick me up from work, school or college and can I be dropped at home.

You should not be learning to drive in a car more than three years old. Cars over this age used for driving instruction often give trouble and are more difficult to drive. You may be suprised at how many driving schools in liverpool use old cars.

Check out the costs before you book driving lessons. Quiet often you will find that there may be hidden charges after the special offers have finished.

If you are looking for good driving schools in Liverpool the best place to start is with friends and family. Recommendations are often the best way. Then check out the internet and see what other people are saying.

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Check out the DVSA website for more information.

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