The paper counterpart to the photocard driving licence is to be abolished in June this year.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) confirmed that from 8 June 2015, it will no longer issue counterparts. All existing counterpart in circulation will not be valid and the agency has asked for them to be destroyed.

Paper licences issued before 1998 when the photocard was introduced will not be abolished but will not be annotated with endorsements, which will be made available online.

ADIs will be able to check driving licence information buy using the DVLA’s Share Driving Licence service that aims to be available before the counterpart is abolished.

The licence holder will generate a one-time use access code through the current View Driving Licence service, which can be shared plus the last eight digits of their driving licence number. ADIs will then be able to use these to see the driver’s licence status, endorsements and what vehicles they can drive via the Share Driving Licence page on GOV.UK.

The view of the driving licence presented back to the third party will be date/time stamped and downloadable in the form of a PDF. The information will be accurate at the time of download and is a snapshot of the record at that time.

An initial briefing pack outlining the changes is available here and any further questions can be sent to the dedicated email account or contact the DIA members’ helpdesk.


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