Bay Parking

The object of the bay park maneuver is to reverse park you car into a parking bay keeping in between the lines.

As with all the driving test maneuvers you must observe the three points. Control, observation and accuracy.

To do a bay park use the following method.

Stop you car alongside the parking bay’s at a 90 degree angle as indicated in the diagram.

Select reverse gear and find the bite of the clutch. Then observe. Look all around the car to make sure there is no danger.

When safe begin to reverse very slowly looking out of the passenger window.

Pick one of the white lines separating the parking bays and line it up in the middle of the door as indicated in the diagram.

Then turn your wheel to a full lock towards the parking bay. Your car will swing around as you do so keep checking your door mirrors. Look for your car coming parallel to the lines.

When your car is parallel to the lines begin to straighten your wheel all the time observing. When the car has come into the parking bay stop.

The bay you will come into depends on which line you pick to line up on your door. You will always come into the third bay past the line you have picked.

Remember to do the bay park correctly keep the car moving very slowly and observe all the time.

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